Meylan Abrasive Hydrocutting

Sometimes a blowtorch is exactly what you don't need. When you need to slice through metal or concrete but don't want to add heat or flames because there's a risk of explosion, you need cold cutting. Meylan cold cutting.

Our Abrasive Hydrocutting combines highly pressurized water with abrasive garnet to produce clean, precision cuts. No flames, no heat. That means your need to remove a faulty valve, cut a door sheet, or modify a tank just got a lot easier - and safer. Your cuts can be made from a safe distance through the use of our track system that we'll adapt to just about any surface or structure you have.

These cold cuts can't be found at the deli. You don't need to hold the mayo on hydrocutting, either. Instead, call Meylan and ask them to hold the heat.


  • Clean and precise cuts
  • No flame or heat
  • Fully automated
  • Safe in explosive environments


  • Cutting door sheets and man ways
  • Valve removal
  • Tanks and vessels
  • Pipe cutting
  • Concrete cutting