Meylan Air Preheater Cleaning

When you need your Ljungstrom air preheater cleaned, Meylan's clearly your best option. But don't believe us - check out our endorsement from the original equipment manufacturer, the Alstom Power Air Preheater Company. They love our air preheater cleaning process. In fact, we're the only contractor they endorse and recommend.

Your call to Meylan brings you the best air preheater cleaning equipment in the business. Solid state computer circuitry precisely indexes the Meylan tool across the face of your preheater. Utilizing our variable speed frequency controller, every square inch of the heater element passes under the tool's nozzle at the same rate of speed for optimum results.

You get three decades of Meylan work - hard work, smart work - every time you call us. We don't take the honor of being the only contractor recommended by Alstom lightly. Does your unit have a Rothemuhle? No problem. We know their cleaning processes inside out as well. Call Meylan for the best possible results in the industry.


  • Fully automated
  • No personnel exposed to high-pressure jetstream
  • Increases combustion airflow
  • Restores heat transfer
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduces corrosion


  • Ljungstrom
  • Rothemuhle