Meylan On-line Boiler Cleaning

Your fuel consumption's up. Your generation output is down. You need your boiler cleaned, but there's no time for downtime. A forced outage is exactly what you can't afford right now.

Go ahead. Keep your target plants online. Call Meylan. In most cases, you can keep your power flowing while we clean your boiler. We've already saved power companies all over the world millions of dollars by keeping their heat on while we target slag and clinkers with our patented, high-energy jetstream cleaning process.

We get it clean. You recover the revenue you would have lost from load restrictions, replacement power, reduced heat transfer, and everything that goes with downtime. Call us miracle workers. Call us good at what we do. But call Meylan today, while staying online is still an option.


  • Eliminates potential confined space risks
  • Increased combustion air flow
  • Heat transfer restoration
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced corrosion
  • Increased production rates


  • On-line thermal enhancement cleaning
  • Safe entry cleaning prior to shutdown
  • Removes fouling from furnace walls, superheater, reheater, and economizer sections
  • Clinker removal
  • Deslag burners
  • Furnace slope and ash discharge cleaning
  • Ash hopper and bin cleaning