Meylan Speciality Work Services

You've run out of ideas. The jackhammers didn't work. The compression tools might as well have been toothpicks. Everything you've used before just isn't working on the industrial problem you're facing today.

Call Meylan. We work with you to find the answer to your problem. You get every tool at our disposal. You benefit from every experience in our three-decade history. And when your problem demands it, we include the design and construction of customized tools that provide your solution.

Meylan often develops project-specific tools for Speciality work. If your situation demands a skid-mounted tool that brings massive hydraulic horsepower to the job, we can bring it. If you need cable systems and suspension for vertical applications, we build the tool that fits the need - and program it so you gain the highest impact and efficiency possible.

Every job has a solution, and we can help you find it. When your job requires one-of-a-kind Speciality work, call Meylan. We're problem solvers.


  • Three decades of industrial experience and expertise
  • A full range of standard tools
  • Ability to quickly design and build project-specific tools
  • Success where other methods have failed
  • Eliminate need for multiple cleaning contractors
  • Restore efficiency of process equipment
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Automation and personnel not exposed to high pressure jetstream
  • Reduce downtime


  • Boilers
  • Tanks, vessels and columns
  • Pipelines
  • Hydrocutting
  • Refractory removal
  • Coatings removal