Meylan Surface Prep Services

Sometimes it's not what you use for surface prep, it's what you don't use.

When you call Meylan for your surface prep needs, you don't get the dust from traditional grit blasting methods. You don't get hazardous chemicals or harsh solutions. No atmospheric pollutants, no high-ticket cleanups, either. You just get a little water, and a lot of pressure - up to 40,000 PSI at the cleaning nozzle.

With that kind of Meylan power, you can quickly strip away any surface coating from asbestos to the toughest scales. Rubber and lead coatings melt away. Meylan's Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Systems can handle just about anything you need to remove from any industrial surface you have - and keep that surface from degrading while we clean it.

Bring Meylan know-how to your next surface prep job. You deserve way more than the daily grind.


  • Minimizes prep work
  • No cleanup costs
  • Eliminates airborne contaminants
  • No surface degradation
  • Provides working environment to meet critical time path


  • Boiler striping (NDE/NDT Prep)
  • Coating/paint surface prep
  • Removes lead coatings
  • Removes rubber coatings
  • Removes paints and primers
  • Removes mastics and glues
  • Cleans fan and turbine blades
  • Removes plastic coatings