The power of Meylan work.

You see it as soon as we roll up to your gate: the Meylan crew understands the power of hard work.

In fact, we know hard work is an All-American virtue. That's because Wayne Meylan, Sr. - our founder - worked hard for success as a defensive standout for the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the 1960s. Wayne's dedication was second to none. He loved tough challenges because he knew they built character. They made him a more savvy athlete. They proved him to be a leader.

They also made him a consensus All-American, twice.

After Wayne's NFL stint was over, he brought the power of hard work to his own company. He took on a niche that was flat out tough: industrial cleaning, starting with high pressure drain and sewer service.

No one was quite sure what to think when Wayne and his crew went out on that first boiler job in 1975. It was the dead of winter. The air temperature was sub-zero. The wind and Midwestern humidity made it seem a lot colder.

An area power plant had a badly plugged boiler. Of course, the crisis came on a day when consumer demand was headed off the charts.

Wayne showed up with a crew that was all heart and determination. Their equipment was substandard. The conditions were brutal. The power of the Meylan crew's hard work, however, was outstanding. The power plant was so impressed with the crew's grit and "can-do" attitude that they made a surprise proposal to Wayne when the boiler was clean.

The plant offered Meylan Enterprises a long-term contract, as long as Wayne would buy some professional-grade tools for the next job. It was one of the easiest equipment decisions we've ever made.

Three decades later, the power of hard work still shapes us at Meylan Enterprises. We've grown from a city-based business to an international service provider. We're on the leading edge of industrial cleaning technologies.

But what really makes clients like you happy with us is that we still approach every job like it was our first. You'll see us invest an honest day's blood, sweat and tears every time. Our customers deserve nothing less.

That's the power of hard work. Day in and day out, that's Meylan.

The core of Meylan power is our people.