Safety is Our Priority

Our commitment to effective safety procedures and ongoing training ensures we are the safest in the industrial cleaning industry, protecting the employees, environment, and resources of the clients and communities we serve. 

Committed to Safety

At Meylan Enterprises, Inc.  our highest priority is to ensure a safe job environment. Our commitment to safety starts at the top management levels, demonstrating leadership teaching employees the technical knowledge and expectations required to be safe during performance of the work. Every employee is continuously trained in effective safety procedures, and to identify, evaluate and take action to prevent unsafe conditions.

Our strategic focus on safety helps us achieve our goal of protecting our employees, the employees and resources of our clients,  the environment, and the communities we serve. 

Meylan has established programs throughout our entire Company to comply with industry safety standards, and all applicable laws and regulations. If you would like to learn more, read about our commitment to safety or contact us