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Quality service. Committed to safety. Innovative technology.  Our core values have made us a leader in industrial cleaning services. Let us put them to work for you.

Continue to generate power while Meylan uses its high-energy water blasting technology in order to remove pluggage and buildup.  Avoid forced outages, load restrictions, replacement power and reduced heat transfer. READ MORE

Meylan utilizes 1,200 – 1,800 HHP per tool – and the automation you need for any off-line situation.  The system drives high-volume and high-energy rotary tools through the most efficient cleaning process.  READ MORE

Meylan’s Ljungstrom, Rothemuhle and Tubular air preheater cleaning equipment provides the most thorough, even cleaning in the industry. We precisely index our tool and control wheel across the face of your preheater.  READ MORE

We analyze your situation, then give you a custom cleaning strategy.  Meylan’s solutions, with high energy water blasting technology and explosive cleaning, achieve the highest cleanliness standard in the industry. READ MORE

Meylan’s highly specialized equipment will be at your service for any cleanup combination of solids, fine particulate, liquids and/or slurries. We’re always on call for you,  whether you have scheduled or emergency work. READ MORE

Have non-hazardous liquids or sludges that need to be transported for disposal? Our transportation services can provide our customers with low profile 130 bbl tankers, as well as state of the art cutting box trailers.  READ MORE

Meylan’s hydroblasting has the ability to utilize up to 40,000 PSI to provide services such as Surface Preparation and Abrasive Hydro Cutting to produce clean, precise cuts. READ MORE

Meylan has what it takes to handle anything from facility projects to entire plant shutdowns. We have the industrial cleaning experience, technology, training and knowledge to get the work done efficiently and safely.  READ MORE

In today’s changing industry every job has a solution, and Meylan’s engineering team can help you find it. If your problem demands it, we include the design and construction of customized tools that provide your solution. We build the tool that fits the need – and program it so you gain the highest impact and efficiency possible. READ MORE

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